Auditing In Reality

Learning Auditing Practically Auditing is taken as a theoretical subject by commerce students but in reality it is a practical subject and to make it more real – we have brought with us Partner of one of the Big 4 who has herself told the entire procedure of Statutory Auditing. Further I have taught the…

3 Fundamental Rules To Take A Right Decision

Follow the below mechanism to take any decision in 2 minutes, ask yourself below 3 questions and if answer to all the questions is Yes then go ahead – 1)   Whether you are capable to execute what you have planned – Yes 2)   Is it Legal – Yes 3)   Whether your decision will have some positive impact…

Learnings From My Life

Hello Friends, This part of our newsletter is for sharing some true stories of my life which helped me to learn about this modern world and adapt self to succeed in life. I was in Xth standard (In Year 2008) when I first went to Palika Bazaar, New Delhi with my father (It is a…


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About Me

Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant From ICAI And B.Com(H) Graduate From SRCC, Delhi University. However I love to teach and mentor people – be it career counselling or related to life. Prior to starting my entrepreneurship journey, I had worked in RSM, KPMG, RBS, Nomura, IndusInd Bank.

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