Learnings From My Life

Hello Friends,

This part of our newsletter is for sharing some true stories of my life which helped me to learn about this modern world and adapt self to succeed in life.

I was in Xth standard (In Year 2008) when I first went to Palika Bazaar, New Delhi with my father (It is a popular market for buying items at extremely low cost if you can bargain well).

I was very fond of computers and we had a Pentium III processor at home, USB devices were also very common but at that time we rarely find USB storage of 4 GB (as it was very expensive). We had 1GB Pen drive at that time, however at Palika Bazaar I found 64 GB pen drive and that too at the cost of 4 GB pen drive (Rs. 700).

Being a Xth standard student, I trusted everything and everyone very easily – so I went to the shop and bargain the price and shopkeeper reduced the price to Rs. 450 which we thought is the best deal for us.

We paid the amount and came back home with the pen drive. Very excited to have super storage with me which none of my friend had at that time, so I immediately switched on the computer to check the pen drive.

I copied few files there and then removed the pen drive and put it again where I found the files were missing. In fact the pen drive was not able to store data and at this moment I was sweating since it could be an indication of fraud. I formatted the pen drive and then the pen drive was even not detectable.

After several tries, I told my parents about the same and they were very angry on that shopkeeper because Rs. 450 was a huge amount for them (if it is being looted without anything is return), My school fees was Rs. 2500 per month which my parents were barely able arrange (So loosing almost 20% of the fee in fraud product has left us shattered).

My father went again to the same shopkeeper, he found some contact to reach him, had argument with the shopkeeper and finally brought a scent bottle in place of that faulty pen drive.

Ah!!!!, I found something here just now which I didn’t even realized till now – (I am allergic to few items as per food allergy test which includes – nuts, scent and 1-2 more items). Now, I also got my answer – why?? – High chances might be because of this incident as I never used that scent since

  1. I disliked the smell of that scent
  2. I dreamt of having 64 GB pen drive which no body had and that dream was not accomplished
  3. We were cheated Rs. 450 which was a big amount for us

Lesson which I learned from the above incident –

There exist people in this world who can loot you – so we need to be beware – Looting means taking money and not giving back the product/service or giving defunct product/service.

Even after qualifying CA, I had faced few frauds – like I purchased SMS pack for my e-learning startup by paying Rs. 10,000 and the website never gave me the 1 Lakhs SMS they promised – In fact they removed my access after I consumed 20,000 SMS. Though the pain of loosing 10k was lesser than loosing Rs. 450 when I was in Xth.

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