All About CA Articleship

Welcome to the professional world – This is the backbone of entire CA Course. Those who successfully clear one group or both the groups of CA Intermediate can register themselves under any CA Firm. However those entering through direct entry (i.e. after graduation) can also start their training, however they may appear in CA Intermediate examination after competing 9 months of their training. Before starting articleship ICITSS training needs to be completed, more can be found here.

The total articleship period is 3 years (in first year students can shift from one firm to another at their option and in the last year they may opt for industrial training i.e. working in a company)

Which firm is right for you?

1) If you wish to do your training in metro city then always apply in top 20-30 firms (which have PAN India presence). To know about top ca firms just search it on google.

2) If you do not get a call from top CA firms then do not get upset as there are ample of mediocre firms providing exposure in audit, tax and law which might be the right option for you — Click here to see list of all CA firms

3) Some common parameters to consider — Number of partners, locations & cities at which firm has its presence, size of staff/articles assistants, organisational hierarchy (i.e. Direct reporting to partner or there are proper channels like managers/ assistant managers etc), nature of work (whether firm has statutory audit work of listed company or big companies) — in general higher the number better it is.

How to apply in CA Firm?

1) Visit ICAI website, register and apply on their portal – Click here

2) Search CA firm from the list shared above – visit their website and send email to HR (with your resume and application), if they do not have website then you can visit their office with your resume and ask them for vacancies available.

3) There are many other portals like,, Other CA job portals etc.. you can google and apply everywhere where ever you can. Also you may ask your seniors or known CAs to forward your resume in good firms (contact them through Linkedin)

4) Once you are selected in a CA firm then you need to execute a deed on stamp paper which needs to be submitted in ICAI along with copy of the form.

Key points

Date of registration of Articleship is crucial as after 2.5 years of date of registration you can appear in CA Final examinations (Provided CA Intermediate has been complete)

So accordingly cut off dates are 30-April and 31-October. One day delay after these dates would result in delay of CA Final exams by 6 months.

To know about how to take transfer from articleship Watch this video

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