Mentoring & Personal Counselling

If you are among the ones who want a clear direction in life whether it's related to studies or relationships or you are facing any personal issues which are hindering your growth then this is the right place - Register here for a Personal Mentoring session with Yogesh Verma (Counselor & Life coach)

What Can I Do For You?

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Hire Me For A Day (Your Life Coach)

About Me

I am young, energetic and influential personality. Have done work in the field of education and guidance to youth through my Youtube Channel (52K+ Subscribers).

After exploring a bit and attaining my important milestones like education, money and fame. I have now started mentoring people to succeed in their life by providing life coaching skills for mindset change.

I am available for a personal meeting in Delhi/NCR and it will be for the entire day (6-8 hours including my travelling) –

What You Can Look For –

  • Talking about anything – you could be a startup enthusiast or foody or traveler just like me
  • It can be related to anything out of the box that doesn’t make sense to normal people
  • It can be as per your demand (relationship counselling, personal mentorship etc.)
  • Everything is kept confidential (1000s of people have taken my personal mentoring session where they discussed what even their family members didn’t know) – Trust is Guaranteed.
  • There is no gender, age or any qualification restriction.
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